Making the Bridal Party Ask

Bridal Party Ask 3

For a few weeks, I’ve been brainstorming a clever way to make the official ask of my bridal party gals. While the groom-to-be invited his friends over for whiskey and cigars (surprising? no.), I felt like I wanted to do something a bit more strategic… PLUS, I have two bridesmaids who live far away and would need to be asked via mail (followed up with a quick phone call, of course!).

I couldn’t find anything on Pinterest or Etsy that felt perfect, but I was able to cobble together an idea that I think is pretty cute on my own. I printed out a little note on cardstock for each girl, with the note:

Dear Beth, 
Could I please reserve you for bridesmaid duties on April 16, 2016? 
Love, Jess

Then, I ordered six 2016 calendars from the MeyerMarketDesigns shop on Etsy (including a 20 percent discount for the “bulk” order), circled the wedding date on the April sheet, and tied them each up in ribbon with the note on top.

Voila!  Bridesmaid Ask Maid of Honor Ask

Bridal Party Calendar

Bridal Party Ask 3

Want to make them yourself? I’ve included FREE downloads that can easily be printed out, below.

Directions: Click on the below image to open the full-size JPG. Right click on the image when open and select “Save Image To” to save to your computer. Use this image as the background in a Word or Paint program and place desired text (use white-colored font) on top. OR, use the lowest image and use a chalk marker or silver Sharpie to write in your attendant’s name, wedding date and sign yourself!

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