A Peek at Engagement Pics

On Friday morning… bright and early (real bright and early), we met up with Alyssa of Studio Phrene (out of Grand Rapids) for our engagement photo session in Detroit.

I had run across the street earlier for a quick hair styling and makeup application, and then we crossed our fingers that the rain would hold off, grabbed our “dressy” outfit changes and headed toward Milliken Park, where we were meeting up with the photographer.

Over the course of three hours, we made pit stops at Eastern Market, our home in Midtown, the DIA and the train station. After bribing a security guard with a bit of cash, we even snuck into the Michigan Theater for a quick snap and to look around.

It was a great day, and I can now attest that having to pose for photos for so long is exhausting.

And just a few hours later, Alyssa had posted a snap from Eastern Market on Facebook. Ta-da!


{Source: Studio Phrene}

It’s all sorts of wrinkled-nose-awkward to look at photos of yourself, especially lovey-dovey ones like this, but hey, engagement photos don’t come around that often, right?

More photos to come, along with a save-the-date design, later this fall!


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