Gift Registries in Metro Detroit

Gift Registries

Note: This post contains affiliate links and we earn a commission when you shop through them. Of course, we only feature products and services that we truly believe in, and all opinions are our own.

Once the shower chatter begins, it’s time to GET REAL about… gifts.

There are roughly a zillion places that you can go to register with your spouse-to-be for the big day, but many of those convenient locations aren’t located in Michigan. Womp, womp.

While registering online isn’t difficult, I think most folks agree that stepping inside a store to poke around, pick things up, feel and “test,” and scan to your heart’s desire is the ideal game plan.

Where are our favorite places for doing just that? See below for a full list of local registry options to consider in metro Detroit:

Convenient for Most People:

Bed, Bath & Beyond (Multiple Locations)
Macy’s (Somerset, Troy; Twelve Oaks, Novi; Oakland, Madison Heights)
Target (Multiple Locations)

Niche Retailers with Fewer Locations: 

Best Buy (Northville, Utica, Madison Heights)
Pottery Barn (Somerset, Troy; Twelve Oaks, Novi; Village of Rochester)
Williams-Sonoma (Somerset, Troy; Twelve Oaks, Novi)

Specialty Retailers with Two Locations or Less: 

Anthropologie (Somerset, Troy; Downtown Birmingham)
Crate & Barrel (Somerset, Troy)
Neiman Marcus (Somerset, Troy)
Sur la Table (Somerset, Troy; Twelve Oaks,  Novi)
West Elm (Downtown Birmingham)

That said, sometimes, online registries can be the simplest option, given their availability to all, independent of location, as well as uber competitive pricing. I appreciate (especially for those of us with Amazon Prime subscriptions!) as well as, which is what WE used for our wedding … and allows you to add gifts from any website (hello, Anthropologie apron and West Elm bedding!).

Online Options:

What are your preferred registry locations? Good or bad experiences? Leave your thoughts in the comments so the rest of us can learn from them!


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