Creating a Custom Wedding Map


One of the things that I knew I wanted to include in our wedding communications was a custom map. While the actual usefulness of a map can be debated (especially in our constantly connected world), I still think they’re fun – and cute.

On a looooong flight to Tokyo, I doodled up this one for our big day using Photoshop. Not only does it appear on our wedding website, it’s also included on the back of our “details” enclosure card that accompanies the mailed wedding invitations.

I started with the major expressways, added in key side streets and then plunked our key venues in with a little greenery detail at each (these were initially marked with some fun feathers… the groom nixed that).

I LOVE the way that it turned out. Simple and modern, but still cheeky and relevant.

I’ve noticed that you can find quite a few pricey options for custom maps on Etsy, and for those folks that are looking for something clean and mod, I’m offering maps similar to the one above at a rate of $60. Click here to check out the product offering on the Etsy shop!

What do you think? Printed maps or Google Maps?


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