The New Need: Wedding Website


Isn’t it funny that even a few years ago, wedding websites were far from standard?

Today, it’s a rarity to receive a save-the-date, shower or wedding invitation without a URL included. And while it’s far from necessary, it is nice to have one, easy location with full wedding details, bridal party highlights, links to registries – and for some, the option to RSVP online – in my humble opinion.

For our wedding, we made the non-traditional (and perhaps somewhat controversial) choice to ask all guests to RSVP online, making a website critical! I like to fool around with web design a bit, so it made sense that I’d want a bit more flexibility than offered by the build-a-site options through and others.

Instead, we purchased a URL for $10 ($2 on sale!) that was as simple as I could come up with using what will be our new, joint last name (i.e. think “”) and then redirected it to a free WordPress account, which used a free WordPress theme. By keeping the URL super-simple, our hope is that guests won’t heave a huge sigh of annoyance when they see a request for online RSVPs, but rather, will find the process even easier than needing to drop something in the mail. And at $30 for an annual WordPress Custom Design, the grand website total came to $32. Not too shabby.

Above, I included a screen grab of the site as it stands today. We’ve included links to our gift registries, so for the moment, the RSVP button links to a “coming soon” page, which will be updated when invitations are sent out next month.

I’m happy with how things have turned out so far, but will provide an update once we put digital RSVPs to the test!

Not interested in getting into the nitty gritty when it comes to your site? Consider checking out these easy templates, hosted by well-known wedding sites: Wedding Websites: Choose from more than 80 free designs, with personalized URL options, RSVP management and registry integration. Weddings: For $12 month-to-month, this site allows you to customize some lovely-looking site templates and also allows set-up of a cash registry and a custom URL when you purchase the annual plan. Wedding Websites: A free site builder that offers more than 400 templates and access to the Wed Social app, so all your guests can upload their pics of your Big Day for easy sharing. Wedding Websites: Some of my favorite template options, which just so happen to coordinate with all of the site’s lovely wedding invitation collections.

Have you created a wedding website? Or better yet, asked guests to RSVP online?


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