Considering Guestbooks?

MyPublisher Guestbook Wedding Closed

Years ago, a friend of mine used her engagement photos to create a guestbook for her wedding that still sits on her and her husband’s coffee table. I love it. I love flipping through it as we’re sitting around drinking a glass of wine, reflecting on not only my comments but those of my friends.

I knew that I wanted to do something similar, and so, when a discounted offer popped up on RueLaLa for a MyPublisher photo book with lay-flat pages, I picked it up.

MyPublisher Guestbook Wedding Open

I didn’t do my research very well and was sort of annoyed to see that I’d need to download a software program to create the book (ugh), and in all honesty, it wasn’t very easy to use when compared against sites like Shutterfly. But, when all was said and done, the book turned out quite nicely. My favorite parts of the padded, matte cover and the lay-flat pages that will hopefully make it easier for guests to sign and write on at the wedding.

Rather than asking for their names or address (which we obviously already have!), we scattered questions throughout the book – What is your best piece of marriage advice? Where is your favorite couple’s travel destination? Share one of your favorite memories spent with us – and the like. It could turn out terribly, terribly badly… but it could be a ton of fun to read through too. Ha!

If guestbooks aren’t your thing, there are a zillion other options for letting your guests leave a mark. One of my best friends was married earlier this year and used this clever idea from Etsy, which allows guests to leave an ink-stamped-fingerprint on a frameable balloon-style image (I realize that’s a horrible description; just click here).

Other cool ideas? See below … Messages for Memories envelope guestbook idea; Jenga block-signing idea; Polaroid photo notes; a jar full of date ideas suggested by guests; mad libs style cards for guests to fill out; a wedding pinata with notes to read when you crack it open on a future anniversary (can you imagine?).

guestbook alternatives


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