Our wedding tasting


Oh, my, you guys.

It turns out that my favorite part of wedding planning this far (and predictably, in full) was our tasting for Planterra. Offered to wedded-couples-to-be, the tasting, which is held at Continental’s Innovation Center, takes place three times a year.

Not having done this wedding plan thing before, my expectations were “meh.” So, when we walked into a dimly lit room, filled with specialty linened tables, lush floral arrangements and a snaking garland that ran the length of our table, I was positively delighted.

Throughout our tasting of starters, salads, entrees and desserts, we sampled both the house wines and available upgrades. But most fun was the opportunity to chat with the other couples at our table; sharing details of what we loved or didn’t love and becoming Facebook friends, you know, all the critical things.

I snapped the photo above as we sat down, which I thought was worth sharing here in case any of you gals are also considering Planterra as a wedding or reception venue.

Funnily enough, another acquaintance of mine attended – and posted photos online of – her tasting through Meadowbrook, which occurred the next week. It looked slightly similar, and I’m sure she enjoyed it just as much.

Would love to hear about your tasting experiences, if you’re so inclined!


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