Free Download: Wedding Hashtag Sign

Mock Up Wedding Hashtag

Are you planning to promote a wedding hashtag?

I’m on the fence about this one. It’s feels a little overdone, right? But at the same time, it’s a simple solution to today’s dilemma – an overabundance of wedding photos snapped, uploaded and shared  – without any central location to view them all. (And YOU know I’m gonna want to see all of those shots.)

If you’re planning to promote a hashtag, here’s a simple little download that you can open using Word and simply type in the tag of your choice.

I like the idea of printing out this simple sheet and positioning it in a few high traffic areas, placed in an ornate gold or silver leaf frame. Want to add a little oomph? Pair some photo props beside it… guests are sure to pick up and play along after a glass or two of vino 😉

To download, simply click the following link, open and edit in Microsoft Word:
Wedding_Photo_Hashtag_Word Doc

Don’t have a clue how to hashtag your big day? I like this little wedding hashtag generator, which whips up some good suggestions based on your names and wedding date.




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