Choosing a Signature Cocktail


The original Swizzle at Bermuda’s Swizzle Inn

Whether we would have opted for it of not (we wouldn’t have), our wedding reception bar package came with a “Signature Cocktail.”

Choose just one bevy to promote among our favorite people? That’s ridiculous. But our options were to select a winner or forgo the signature swig entirely.

Since we got engaged on the magical island of Bermuda, it only seemed fitting that we asked about the plausibility of recreating the Swizzle – an iconic Bermudian drink that mixes:

  • Orange juice
  • Pineapple juice
  • White rum
  • Dark rum
  • Grenadine
  • Bitters

into a delicious and dangerously alcohol-free-tasting sort of drink. In fact, we loved the drink so much during our trip (visit the Swizzle Inn if you go to Bermuda … where the tagline is “swizzle in and swagger out” for the most authentic blend) that we made up a big, ol’ batch of it for this year’s summer party, as evidenced in the photo below!

As much as I wasn’t inclined to offer a signature cocktail, I love the idea that we’ve stumbled on. If you can come up with a mix that has meaning, I suggest doing the same!


Our take on the Swizzle – big-batch style – at a summer party


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