DIY: A Welcome Wedding Entry


I’ve been eyeing wedding welcome signs on Pinterest and Etsy for a while now, so it should come as no surprise that I attempted a DIY version before I settled on hiring a calligrapher or printer to create a custom option.

In the little, sneak peek above, you can see a glimpse of what I’ve been working on. (You can also see that I’ve totally copy-catted the font styling used on many Pinterest examples – oops!)

Are you considering a similar strategy? Here are my quick tips.

Find a frame. This flea market find was picked up by my brother, at my request, and used for my niece’s graduation (after the removed the ancient print within it). I dug it out of the basement and painted the inner border – formerly an off-white linen – using gold craft paint.

Grab some craft store foam core board. Michael’s offered this black version in a tri-fold science fair style that fit perfectly within this frame – no trimming needed!

Pick up a paint pen and get to work. I opted for white pens in medium and thick tips, which I used to trace over my original pencil draft. Underneath the “welcome,” we have our names, as well as the times for cocktail hour, dinner service and dessert.

We’ll be propping this bad boy up on one of our vendor’s easels near the reception entry, where guests can get a quick timeline check (in case they’re starving) while sipping champagne.

Looking for extra oomph? I love the idea of floral or garland draped atop the frame…


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