Best Detroit Food Trucks for Weddings

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It took some convincing, but somehow, I managed to talk my fiance into scrapping the traditional wedding cake for dessert served straight outta a food truck. You see, I’d had my eye set on the Beignets 2 Go truck, and as typically happens, when I make up my mind about anything sugar-related, you can bet that I’m going to try like hell to make it happen.

The verdict? Resounding agreement from our guests that the beignets were a hit (just as I anticipated). Who can resist piping hot New Orleans-style pastries drizzled in chocolate or raspberry sauce? Nobody. Nobody that I want at my wedding, at least.

When plotting my scheme, I was surprised to find my venue coordinator hesitate at mention of a food truck. In the past, he warned us, guests got right down to dancing and had to be reminded several times to step outside for the food truck, leaving lots of uneaten food – and an underutilized truck – at the end of the night.

To ensure everyone was well aware of the truck (there’d be no cake, after all!), we asked our DJ to make several mentions. But lo and behold, none were necessary. Guests followed us out to the truck as we snuck away for some quick dessert photos and our only hiccup, if you can call it that, was a line as everyone waited to fresh beignets. Thankfully, the weather was unseasonably gorgeous and hanging outside was a total treat in itself.

Are you considering a food truck at your wedding? Whether you choose to serve dinner from a bevy of trucks, swap cake for truck-served desserts or drive in some late-night comfort food, there’s a local option for you that’s likely not too much more than what you’d pay a traditional caterer. (Sidebar: We spent approximately $1,000 for dessert for our wedding of 200 guests.)

We’ve rounded up some suggestions, below:

  1. Beignets2Go – Hot and fresh New Orleans-style pastries, which can be drizzled with dark chocolate or raspberry sauce, served alongside chickory coffee. (Rentals start at $875.) <– My favorite dessert option!
  2. el Guapo – Think korean beef, porkbelly and shrimp tacos from this popular savory stop. (Food and beverage minimum of $1,250 required for truck rental.)
  3. Mac Shack Michigan – Top mama’s not-so-basic cheesy noodles with bacon, caramelized onions, shaved parmesan … and the list goes on. Need we say more? (Truck rental fee of $350, plus food costs.) <– My favorite late-night option!
  4. The Mean Weenie – It doesn’t get more local than Dearborn hot dogs, Brown Bakery buns, Faygo pop and Better Made Chips; and that’s exactly what you get with this classic truck. (Contact for a custom quote.)
  5. Shimmy Shack – Delight your gluten-free and vegan guests with this adorable throwback that’s a healthy spin on diner basics of yesterday, including a boatload of burgers and shakes. (Contact for a custom quote.)
  6. Delectabowl – Perfect for a quick and carry-able meal, these bowls offer bases of brown rice, cornbread or a hot spud, loaded up with your choice of totally droolworthy toppings. (Contact for a custom quote.)
  7. Detroit 75 – Hand-cut fries, fatoush salad, shawarma wraps … this Mediterranean influenced truck could be just perfect for your cocktail hour, no? (See site for wedding packages.) <– My favorite cocktail hour option!
  8. Bigalora – Delicious wood-fired pizzas AND homemade gelato? YES. (Food and beverage minimum of $1,200 for truck rental.) <– My favorite all-in-one food option!

Note: All information accurate as of web information available on May 18, 2016.


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