Fall’s Best Bridal Accent Colors

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Wouldn’t you say? All of those sunny summer hues mellow into a palette of ripe golds, and the natural seasonal transition provides an entirely new opportunity to celebrate our surroundings.

For most brides, by the time that their wedding season actually rolls around, all of the planning – including color schemes – is largely complete. But we can’t help but try to convince you to further weave some of our favorite fall shades into your decor.

Whether you’ve selected traditional accent colors in warm browns, harvest oranges, cornflower blues, or rich eggplant hues, we encourage a complementary pop of one of the below colors, which will work magic in creating a perfectly seasonal balance.

  • Rich creams and off-whites 
  • Deep and texturized jewel tones
  • Icy and warm metallic accents

Here, a few examples of how you may easily add an accent color to your fall wedding:


Sources: Off White Mesh Pump | Blush Faux Fur Wrap | Jewel Tone Bouquet | Rose Decor Wedding Cake | Metallic Nails | Metallic Leaves | Gold Accented Wedding Cake

Looking for ways to add that pop without reworking the plan? Consider:

  • Additional decorative embellishments on your cake 
    {think graphic pops of pearlized or metallic fondant}
  • Small-scale tabletop elements 
    {think DIY metallic-painted leaves or gold glitter dipped votive holders}
  • Creative nail paint for the bride and bridesmaids
    {we love the mirror french manicure pictured above!}
  • A pop of color in the form of the groom and groomsmen’s socks
    {Go for bold argyle or plaid prints in the fall}
  • Wedding shoes with some serious kick
    {Have your soles custom painted or add color with clip-on embellishments}
  • Metallic faux tattoo jewelry and body accents
    {Think outside the box with matching bridal party rub-ons}
  • Add natural harvest hues to your floral with real fruits and veggies
    {Pomegranates, eggplant and heirloom corn add depth and fun}
  • A photo wall or backdrop shapes the look and feel of your entire space
    {Metallic balloons, a foliage-filled wall, chalkboard style…}

What other suggestions do you have? Leave your comments below!


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