The Invite Site You Need to Know About


In my experience, one of the most “real” moments of wedding planning came as I slipped the stamped wedding invitations into the post office mailbox. It was like all at once, our dream day – which had lived inside our brains and in wedding documents on my desktop – had morphed into an event of its own. An event that would go on friend’s kitchen calendars, and that a babysitter would be hired for … an event that was suddenly just a little bit out of my hands. It was a feeling of excitement, and maybe a bit of trepidation, too.

But mostly, it was the formal introduction to our “Big Day.”

Our invitations were much more than notification of the wedding date and time. They were the first glimpse into the whole look and feel of the day we were planning. And, not surprisingly, many of our other materials (like our guestbook, thank-you cards, ceremony programs and menus, for instance) carried through in the same theme. That’s why one of the most important things that I can stress is finding a vendor that can offer you consistent-looking products of all types. Trust me; it makes life easy!

Recently, I learned about, a site that lets you build your own color theme (this is genius!) and then use it to customize products exactly as you’d like. As in, choose-the-color-of-the-flowers-on-the-card specificity. Not only colors, either. You can also select your own script fonts, paper type, the list goes on.

We’re talking COMPLETE customization. Had I known this when I was spending hours DIY-ing my own invitation suite, I would have probably danced with joy. No, really.

I’m not sure that you need an excuse to head over to the site and check it out, but just in case you do, I’ll give you one: Free Printables. (Yeah, I knew that would work.)

A couple of designs that we love …



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