A Fixer-Upper Inspired Wedding


I’m not sure if this wedding theme inspiration is surprisingly inventive, or means that I’ve simply been watching WAY too much reality TV, but I’m stuck on the idea of an event that takes its cues from two of my favorite renovators – Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Please tell me that you’re also a longtime fan of HGTV’s Fixer Upper. Because if you’re not, I’m going to suggest that you go and set your DVR stat. And then maybe pick up their book, because I’ve read it and it’s stinking adorable.

Known for her laid-back attitude and ability to cultivate beautiful, family-friendly spaces that blend the border between functional and fabulous, Joanna has become a bit of mainstream trend setter in the home decor arena. Since the successful launch of the show, she’s picked up a branded paint, furniture line, rug line, and even wallpaper line. I mean, she sounds like a busy lady.

But for a moment, let’s focus on some of the key traits that we leaned on in developing this wedding theme gallery …

  • The Magnolia Leaf: The name of the Gaines business and a bit of a symbol in much of the work that they do.
  • Soft, Neutral Colors: That don’t overwhelm, and create livable, nature-infused spaces.
  • Relaxed Style: Comfort, whether it’s soft furnishings or even cozy clothing (like the wedding dress we’ve included below!).
  • Shiplap: Another tried-and-true decor element oft used by Joanna.
  • Deeper Meaning: A common thread in all of their work, we love that the team uses family photos and poems / verses that mean something to their clients.

What do you think? Feeling inspired yet? Scroll below to take a look at the ways that Fixer Upper has inspired this wedding palette, then let us know what you’d keep or toss in your own execution of a Fixer-Upper-Inspired Wedding …


These I-want-to-save-mine-forever Magnolia leaf place cards, labeled in stunning calligraphy. And can we mention the gold flatware? Mmmhmm.

via Southern Weddings


The chairs. The linen draping. The sweet floral tucked into each. Need we say more?

via Styletic 


A naked cake that sits atop a bed of wild flowers and greens. What could be more elegant {and delicious}? Side note, I love the way that they’ve used a raw wooden stand here, so that it’s just barely visible.

via Rustic Wedding Chic


This intricate, blouson wedding dress is the perfect blend of luxe and leisure, in a shape that’s flattering on most.



Let’s start with the milk glass goblets, because why wouldn’t we? Fill ’em with sparkling water, kept cold in galvanized tubs {brilliantly affordable}, and then let guests sip away as they admire your heirloom family photos, displayed on a living wall.

via Pinterest // Southern Weddings // PopSugar (Top-left, clockwise)


This “Life Well Loved” sign comes from {no surprise here…} Magnolia Market, Chip and Jo’s online shop! For $84, we think it makes a great prop at your reception entry, and then for your own home after the Big Day.

via Magnolia Market


I couldn’t not include this gorgeous vintage-door ceremony backdrop in this roundup, but for the love, I just can’t find a source for the photo online! If you know who deserves credit, please leave me a comment!


And last, but most certainly not least: Shiplap. I love the idea of a white-washed, freestanding bar made using shiplap. Alas, no one has made one and appropriately optimized it for search engines yet 😉 Instead, consider a display wall like the one behind this adorable doughnut stand … or this raw, vertically laid bar, topped with copper lanterns.

via Etsy // Style Me Pretty


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