Staying Connected Despite Chaos


Sometimes, trudging through ten months of wedding planning can make a person crazy. Crazy in an “it’s-all-about-me because I have one zillion updates on vendor pricing and dress alterations “sort of crazy. As in, I’ve monopolized the conversation for 45 minutes but, oh gosh, how are you doing? sort of way.

You know what I mean, right?

That’s why I feel that it’s important to take a look at your calendar and schedule dates with each of your favorite people leading up to the wedding. “Dates” that are about them {not you, and definitely not the wedding!}. Dates to simply catch up, laugh a bit, and be the friend that you typically are when you’re not planning the biggest event of your life. Maintaining relationships is part of the planning process that reaps significant reward in your post-wedding life.

And good news; you don’t have to break your wedding budget to brainstorm a great lady date. I was meeting with a friend recently and had suggested happy hour at home, but when my home turned out to be an inconvenient option {commuter nightmare, ugh!}, we settled on happy hour at her house – my treat.

A prettily packaged rose bubbly complemented a to-go tray filled with simple snacks … some fresh-cut fruit, olive-oil drizzled and toasted french baguette with a tomato-and-garlic topping as well as kale pesto {thank you, Whole Foods} and a handful of tiny ginger cookies.

Sweet, simple and inexpensive, but oh-so valuable downtime with your fave folks.

What life hacks have you discovered that make wedding planning easier on you and the rest of the people in your life?


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